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Uluberia, Howrah,

West Bengal, India

  • Main Gate Area

    Main Gate Area

    Main Entrance Area of the College. This photo was taken from the main entrance area.

    Photo courtesy : A. k. Ghosh

    October 10, 2013

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  • NAAC Peer Team Visit 2014

    NAAC Peer Team Visit 2014

    NAAC Peer Team Visit. The team is browsing the campus

    Photo courtesy : Tapas Kr. Sen, Ex-Student

    January 3, 2014

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  • NAAC Peer Team Visit -2014

    NAAC Peer Team Visit -2014

    NAAC Peer Team Visit. The team is browsing the campus

    Photo courtesy : Tapas Kr. Sen, Ex-Student

    January 3, 2014

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  • NAAC PEER Team visit 2014

    NAAC PEER Team visit 2014

    NAAC Peer Team is addressing in the Alumni and Parents meet 2014.

    Photo courtesy : Tapas Kr. Sen, Ex. Student

    January 3, 2014

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  • College Building at Dawn

    College Building at Dawn

    Main Building of the College. This photo was taken from the main entrance area.

    Photo courtesy : A. k. Ghosh

    October 10, 2013

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  • Hostel and Old Adam Building

    Hostel and Old Adam Building

    This photo was taken at noon from the North-East corner of the College Campus.

    Photo courtesy : A. k. Ghosh

    October 10, 2013

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  • Main Gate

    Main Gate

    Main Entrance Area of the College. This photo was taken from the main entrance area.

    Photo courtesy : Anonymous

    October 10, 2013

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  • Old Building

    Old Building

    Old Building near about 60 years back.

    Photo courtesy : Anonymous

    October 10, 2013

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  • College Re-Union 2014

    College Re-Union 2014

    An Ex Student is performing at the reunion.

    Photo courtesy : Tapas Kr. Sen, Ex. Student

    January 5, 2014

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AQAR of The IQAC 2008-2009


Part - A


      The acceptance of accreditation system by NACC in colleges and universities has undoubtedly become very much beneficial for the improvement of academic atmosphere of the educational institutions and our institution is no exception to this. In our First Report of I.Q.A.C it was stated that to cope up the increasing demand of the locality initiatives have been taken by us to start U.G and P.G classes through distant education centre. We are glad to state that our efforts have been proved successful and we have been able to initiate U.G and P.G classes in Bengali, English, History and,  Sankrit under Netaji Subhas Open University and P.G classes in Bengali,English, Sanskrit ,Botany, Zoology, Environmental Studies and Commerce under Vidyasagar University  Distant Education Centre in the academic year 2008-09. Our appeal to Calcutta University for sanctioning two new subjects,Sanskrit and Geography has been happily complied with and classes of the above mentioned subjects have been started from September 2008. We have been enable to restart our B.Ed course, approved by N.C,T,E. from September, 2008. All these qualitative as well as quantitative achievements on the part of our institution have been achieved by ceaseless efforts on the part of our administration, teaching, non-teaching as well as student union.           


Part - B



1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution:
Basic goals and objective of an educational institution is to uplift the academic atmosphere of the institution and to produce some young graduates who can face the world with their dream and vision. Besides implementing the curricula under the compliances of Calcutta University, this institution seeks to form the basic moral character of the students who can truly serve the society. We always remember the great sayings of Swamiji: ‘I hold everyman a traitor who, having been educated at their expense pays not the least held to them.’

2. New Academic programme initiated (UG and PG) :
In this academic year (2008-09) our institution has been enable to initiate new academic programme both in U.G and P.G under Netaji Open University and Vidyasagar Distant Education Centre.

 3. Innovations in curricular design and transaction:

Our institution is not an autonomous body; it is registered under Calcutta University and has to abide by the curriculum already structured by. C.U. So we are not in a position to innovate anything in curricular design and transaction.

4. Inter-disciplinary programmes started: 
No, we haven’t been able to start inter-disciplinary programme.

5. Examination reforms implemented: 
 We have no authority to implement examination reforms as the rules and regulations of the Final examinations are predetermined by C.U. But we have taken some initiatives to improve upon the set patterns of our internal examinations. Students are being continuously evaluated by class tests and terminal examinations which assist the students in understanding their flaws and shortcomings and provide them opportunity to overcome these.

6. Candidates qualified : NET / SLET / GATE etc. : 
No information received.

7. Initiative towards faculty development programme: 
The college sent its faculty members to seminars, workshops, different training courses organized by different universities or any other institutions.  Teachers are also sent to orientation and refresher courses organized by different universities.
Faculty members are being encouraged by the authority to engage themselves in doctoral and post doctoral research work.  Some of our faculty members are engaged in collaborative research works with different Indian as well as foreign institutions. A quite good number of papers have been published by our faculty members in several national and international journals. (See annexure). Free internet access to all faculty members is available at the college.

8. Total number of seminars / workshops conducted :
This year two state-level seminars have been organized by our institution. The Arts faculty organized a two-day seminar on ‘Bangali Jatisatta O Samaj: Darsane, Itihase O Sahitye’ in collaboration with Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata on 20th and 21st March,2009.
Bio-science department organized a seminar on ‘Genes in Evolution: Lamarch and Darwin Revisited’ in order to celebrate Two Hundred years of Darwin and his revolutionary contribution in the theory of evolution. This seminar was funded by West Bengal Govt. Higher Education Department.
 Chemistry department organized a seminar on “Fundamental application of molecular spectroscopy” on 27th January, 2009.  
 Besides these, some departments have organized student’s seminars where students contribute papers on their respective subjects and exchange their views with the teachers.

9. Research Projects:
Three minor research projects (as stated in the S.S.R) are still going on. This year (2008-09) a major research project (under D.S.T. West Ben gal) has been started under Dr. Nikhil Halder of the Department of Botany.


10. Patents generated, if any: 

11. New collaborative research programmes:
The collaborative programmes are being carried on (details have been given in S.S.R ). No new collaborative programme has been started this year.

12. Research grants received from various agencies:
Rs. 1 Lakh 90 Thousand granted by D.S.T. West Bengal.

13. Details of research scholars:
Ours is an undergraduate educational institution so it has no research facility.

14. Citation index of faculty members and impact factor:
Citation Index of Dr. Prabir Pal, Dept. of Physics, Uluberia College :
            (1) Dr. Prabir Pal – ‘Deformed special relativity and deformed symmetries in a   
                                           canonical framework’
                       Phy. Rev. D75 105021(2007) cited 11 times
            (2) Dr. Prabir Pal – K- Minkowski space time through exotic “Oscillator”
                      Phy Letter B618  243-251(2005) cited 24 times

15. Honors / Awards to the Faculty:
Dr. Nikhil Halder of Botany Department has been conferred Honorary Fellowship (F.S.L.Sc.) by the Society of Life Sciences Satna, Madhyapradesh, for his outstanding contributions in the field of Life Sciences.

16. Internal resources generated: 
Our college generates the following internal resource in this financial year (2008-09)

  • Admission fee       –                 2,70,265.00
  • Tuition fee            –                22,85,350.00
  • Development fee   –                 3,03,164.00
  • Electricity  fee       –                 2,36,854.00
  • Session fee            –                 1,04,300.00
  • Laboratory fee      –                    46,840.00
  • Library fee            –                 2,09,054.00
  • Income from B.Ed.   –           13,80,000.00
  • Misc.                       -                  50,000.00

17. Details of departments getting SAP, COSIST(ASSIST) / DST, FIST, etc.
Dr. Nikhil Haldar of Botany Department has got D.S.T project this year.

18. Community Services:
The N.S.S unit , uluberia college, started functioning from the current academic year. In the month of December 2008, a seminar was organized on Safe Drinking Water’ for rural population. In 26th January 2009 N.S.S observed India’s Republic Day Celebrations along with the N.C.C unit of this college. They participated in the procession with social message on H.I.V/ AIDS awareness. The N.S.S organized a special camp from 25th March 2009 to 31st March 2009 at Kaijuri village located at the outskirts of Uluberia. Twenty seven volunteers participated in various aspects of community life in the village. They had undertaken literacy campaign among pre-school children aged below five years, conducted household surveys cleaned playground and repaired village streets.
N.S.S volunteers organized a cultural programme and also participated in a friendly Football match with the members of local club.
Two of our N.C.C cadets participated in the Annual Training Camp held at Diamond Harbour during August 2008.
The N.C.C. cadets took part in tree plantation programme on 10th July 2008.
 Aids Awareness Programe was organized by the N. C. C. cadets on 29th November 2008. 
  In 26th January 2009 the N.C.C. cadets took part in the Republic Day Celebration Parade held in the Uluberia Stadium and won the 1st prize.
The B.Ed. Department as part of the Community   Outreach Activities visited a Deer Park and adjoining areas near Gadiara about 35 kms. from Uluberia town. Students put up banners, posters and festoons urging the locals for a cleaner and greener environment by planting trees, preventing pollution of water bodies,             discouraging use of plastic packets and promoting conservation of flora and fauna. Students made colourful waste paper baskets and placed them in different parts of the park so that people would be ed to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic.Visiting the adjoining villages, the students advised the villagers on family             planning, education of the children and special care for the girl child. Some students planted saplings to initiate reafforestation. 
The students also carried out part of these Projects in Visakhapatnam while on their Annual Excursion. They visited certain remote villages adjoining Vizag. and counselled the villagers about the benefits of education, health and hygiene of the expecting mothers and the infants. Activities such as these are possibly the first steps towards responsible citizenship.

19. Teachers and officers newly recruited: 
Four teachers recommended by College Service Commission,West Bengal have been recruited by the college in this academic year.Dalia Hazra is recruited in the Dept of History, Dr. Suparna Banerjee and Shyamal Sarkar are recruited in the Dept of Chemistry and Gautom Biswas is recruited in the B.Ed section. The college has appointed four contractual teachers: Swati Sarkar for the Dept of Sanskrit, Arup Saha for the Dept of Geography,Soumen Mondol and Manisha  Mukherjee for B.Ed section. 

20. Teaching Non-teaching ratio:






21. Improvements in the library services:
Apart from Bibliographical reference services, Internet service and other library reference services, our institution has taken a membership of British Council Library and American Central Library so that faculty members and office staff of the college can borrow books journals CD and DVD from the above mentioned libraries.

22. New books / journals subscribed and their cost:
This year Eight Hundred Ninety Three (893) books have been bought from the college fund costing Rs. One Lakh Forty Seven Thousand Two Hundred and Forty Three (1,47,243). Four new Journals have been subscribed.

23Courses in which student assessment of teachers in introduced and the action taken on student feedback:
In all the courses student assessment of teachers has been introduced. Students of all honours classes assess their teachers at the end of their final year. The informations gathered from the feedback of the students are communicated by the authority to the individual teachers and they are being advised to take necessary measures, if required.

24. Unit cost of education: 
Unit cost of education / per student is Rs. 1223/-.

25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examination results, issue of certificates:
Administrative activities of our College have been computerized. The process of admission has also been computerized. College is not the authority to publish final result or issue certificates; hence question of computerization does not arise in this field. We are in the process of computerizing the publication of College test and pre-test examinations.

26. Increase in the infrastructural facilities:
This year we have constructed a guard wall to beautify the pond located at the centre of our campus as well as to protect the erosion of the side road beside the B.Ed building. Zila parishad had given us Rs 4 lakh for this purpose.
         The college is going to construct a Girls’ Hostel as it will hopefully get a grant of Rs. 80 lakh from U.G.C. for being situated in a minority dominated area.

27. Technology upgradation:
This year we have bought a digital projector for using this audio-visual system in our teaching-learning process.

28. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:
In all departments as well as in libraries there are computers with internet facilities. Both the teachers and students have access to internet. Out institution does not provide any professional training to the teachers or students. There is a computer centre run by Institute of Engineers in our College, where students as well as the staff of the College get opportunity to have professional training at consolidated rate.

29. Financial aid to students: 
This year( Session 2008-09) financial aids given to the students are as follows:
 i.   386 students have been granted half-free studentship.                                            
ii.   Five Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Tree rupees have been granted from student welfare fund to the students coming from below poverty line.

30. Support from the Alumni Association and its activities: 
This institution can boast of its alumni who have successfully established themselves  in various fields. An alumni association has been formed which helps us to take major decisions,whenever necessary, in social and academic issues.

31. Support from the Parent-Teacher Association and its activities:
The parent teacher association plays a very important role in our college. The college arranges an annual gathering to receive suggestions from the members of the association for smooth running of the college and different welfare measures for the student community.

32. Health services:
            The college provides health service to the students. The health centre is a few minutes walk from the college campus. It has a tie up with Student’s Health Home, Kolkata. Here students get all sorts of free health service. Every year college deposits money to the Student’s Health Centre which provides free service to the students. In this academic year (2008-09) college has deposited Rupees 20,515.

33. Performance in sports activities:
Student participated in Zila Football Tournament in January, 2009. A girl student participated in 400 meters Athletics Meet on district level and won 2nd prize. Another girl student participated in High Jump on district level and bagged 3rd prize. The annual sport of our college was held on January, 2009.

34. Incentives to outstanding sports persons:
Special financial assistances are provided as incentives to outstanding sports persons. They are provided with convenience allowance, tiffin allowance, kits allowance etc. They also enjoy half-free studentship. They are also awarded medals from the Institution as recognition of their performance.

35. Student achievements and awards :
Last year (2008) 11 of our students got first class in Final Examination.

36. Activities of the Guidance and Counselling Cell:
The institution has a grievance redressal cell which also acts as a guidance and counseling cell. The teachers make themselves available to the students whenever necessary and help the students with their valuable suggestions and counseling.

37. Placement services provided to students:
A  Job cum Counselling Fair was organized at Uluberia College on 13th and 14th February 2009. Initially an Advertisement was published in “The Statesman” to invite interested companies and organizations. Intimation was also given personally to local companies and reputed organizations from Kolkata. Students were briefed beforehand about the Fair and were asked to definitely participate so that they would get a considerable exposure in the existing job market.  
Several companies like Avalon Academy and CMC participated in the Fair with enthusiasm and eagerness. The companies delivered formal lectures to provide the students with detailed information about their respective fields like aviation, the IT sector etc. Besides, the organizations also put up individual stalls so that the students could approach them personally with their CV and receive all the required information. 
 A large number of students participated and showed great interest particularly in the field of aviation. They contacted the company personnel with various questions about that particular field. The counselling from technical experts proved helpful to the students as it gave them an insight into their prospective professions. Seeing the interest and response from the students, the companies expressed their desire to participate in such Job Fairs in future.

38. Development programmes for non-teaching staff:
Non-teaching staff of the college has been trained with modern accouting software (TALLY} for smooth operation of entire accounts as well as to maintain teacher, non-teaching and student data bases.

39. Best practices of the institution:
The institution has some best practices which are as follows :

  • Internet facilities are available both for the students and the faculty members.
  • Seminars and group discussions are held at regular intervals.
  • Individual departments of the college regularly publish wall magazines. Teachers and students both are actively involved in such activities.
  • Academic calendars are given to the students at the beginning of each academic session. The faculty members publish an yearly academic journal Quest” where our faculty members  contribute their valuable papers.
  • In every month the faculty members conduct “ study circle” where any one of the Faculty members delivers lecture on popular theme related to his or her specific discipline. Students as well as teachers participate in the lecture.
  • Cultural programme, debate and quiz competition, music and indoor games competition are arranged and students participate in all these programme.
  • The college provides health care facilities to the students. It has a tie up with the Students’ Health Home, Kolkata and provides the students with free check-up and other medical facilities.                                                                                                                 
  • The library subscribes Employment News, Karmakshetra, Competition Success Review General Knowledge Magazine which are helpful for students, employment requirement.
  • There are some Endowment Funds in the college instituted by different renowned persons of the locality for giving awards to the students securing highest marks in Humanities, Science, Bio-science and Commerce.
  • The faculty members always help the students by their valuable counseling in academic, professional as well as in private affairs.
  • There is a practice of evaluating and assessing  the faculty members by the students.
  • Guardian’s   meetings are arranged at regular interval.
  • To cap it all a good harmony is maintained among teachers, non-teaching staff, students, guardians and management which strengthen our solidarity.

40. Linkages developed with National / International, academic / research bodies:
      This year no new linkage developed with National / International, academic / research bodies.




Part C


Future Plan:-

 Most of our ventures of our future plan designed in last year are in pipeline to implement, like introduction of PG courses in some of our prime subjects, UG course in Electronic Sc., Journalism and Mass Communication. We have resolved in G.B. to initiate L.L.B. course under Calcutta University but due to some new regulation we need moderately longer time to execute. To be more focused for 2009-10, we plan mainly to consolidate and expedite the process of future plan adopted in last two years. Along with that consolidation we have also taken some projects in consideration as mentioned below with the help of UGC XI plan funding. 

    • Establishment of women hostel
    • Introduction of remedial coaching with stipend of SC, ST, OBC and minority students
    •  Introduction of job oriented competitive examination center for  SC, ST, OBC and minority students
    • Introduction of E-governance in all kind of academic and administrative services
    • Implementation of UGC networking with XI plan aids
    • Extension of Library building and access to internet by students will be increased under strong security.
    • Providing further quantum boosts to existing amenities, equipments and facilities by arranging funds from various funding agencies.
    • Strengthening of existing departments catering to postgraduate studies and advanced level research.
    • Introduction of UGC software for easy access of our college library as well as other library in Calcutta University Network by our students.

    Dr. Aditi Bhattacharya
    Dr. Debasish Pal
    Name & Signature of the Coordinator, IQAC
    Name & Signature of the Chairperson, IQAC





    Sr No Name of the faculty members   Papers presented/ published/ Books
    1 Dr. Chandra Das An Analytical Drift…….Ions Published in the Journal Of Physics, 22nd July,2008
    2 Dr. Tapas Samanta Finite Dimentional…….Linear Space Pulibshed in ar xiv:0804.1645[math.GM ] April 2008
    3 Sri Shyamal Sarkar Anion Radical……Osmium Carbonils Published in Journal of Chemical Society, vol86, March 2009.
    4 Dr. Supatra Sen Season Controlled Changes…in tomato Published in Journal Of Environmental Biology,vol .30,2009 .
    5 Dr. Nikhil Halder Sodium Cloride….. in rice fields Published in Bionature,28(1) 2008 9-12 .
    6 Dr.Jayasree Sarkar Paper presented on “ Bharater Swadhinata Sangrame Banglar Nari, in Indumati Savagriha, Kolkata, on 16th August, 2008, organized by Yugantar Biplabi Sammilani
    7 Dr. Sujoy Ghosh CIVILITY Through Character Education – A Voluntary Effort. Published in the Indian Journal Of Political Science. Vol lxix no 3, July-Sept,2008
    8 Dr. Momtaj Begam Abasyik Bangla Avidhan,a book published from J. publication, January, 2009
    9 Sm. Chandana Samanta Banglar Sasyatsob: an article published in the book Lok Sankriti O Bangla Sahitya, Edited by Achintya Biswas
    10 Sm. Sarama Das E-Books Published in International CALIBER. 25-27 th February 2009.