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Official Website of Uluberia College

Uluberia, Howrah,

West Bengal, India

  • Main Gate Area

    Main Gate Area

    Main Entrance Area of the College. This photo was taken from the main entrance area.

    Photo courtesy : A. k. Ghosh

    October 10, 2013

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  • NAAC Peer Team Visit 2014

    NAAC Peer Team Visit 2014

    NAAC Peer Team Visit. The team is browsing the campus

    Photo courtesy : Tapas Kr. Sen, Ex-Student

    January 3, 2014

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  • NAAC Peer Team Visit -2014

    NAAC Peer Team Visit -2014

    NAAC Peer Team Visit. The team is browsing the campus

    Photo courtesy : Tapas Kr. Sen, Ex-Student

    January 3, 2014

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  • NAAC PEER Team visit 2014

    NAAC PEER Team visit 2014

    NAAC Peer Team is addressing in the Alumni and Parents meet 2014.

    Photo courtesy : Tapas Kr. Sen, Ex. Student

    January 3, 2014

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  • College Building at Dawn

    College Building at Dawn

    Main Building of the College. This photo was taken from the main entrance area.

    Photo courtesy : A. k. Ghosh

    October 10, 2013

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  • Hostel and Old Adam Building

    Hostel and Old Adam Building

    This photo was taken at noon from the North-East corner of the College Campus.

    Photo courtesy : A. k. Ghosh

    October 10, 2013

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  • Main Gate

    Main Gate

    Main Entrance Area of the College. This photo was taken from the main entrance area.

    Photo courtesy : Anonymous

    October 10, 2013

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  • Old Building

    Old Building

    Old Building near about 60 years back.

    Photo courtesy : Anonymous

    October 10, 2013

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  • College Re-Union 2014

    College Re-Union 2014

    An Ex Student is performing at the reunion.

    Photo courtesy : Tapas Kr. Sen, Ex. Student

    January 5, 2014

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AQAR of The IQAC 2007-2008


Part - A


One year has passed since our College has been assessed and accredited by NAAC. We have formed I.Q.A.C. in the beginning of the academic year (July 2007 – May 2008) and have chalked out our plan of action towards quality enhancement of our esteemed institution. Due to our assessment by NAAC we are already aware of what we lack and what we have to do to overcome our lapses. Keeping this in mind we have resolved to do something for the upliftment of the overall condition of our College. On our first meeting held on 23.07.07 we planned to take initiative to start U.G. and P.G. classes through distant education centre. In this regard we have applied to Netaji Subhas Open University for undergraduate courses in Bengali, English, History and Political Science and Post graduate courses in Mathematics, Zoology and Commerce. We have got green signal from the Netaji Subhas Open University. They have inspected our College campus and sanctioned undergraduate and post graduate courses in Bengali, English, History, Political Science and Philosophy and Post graduate courses in Mathematics and Commerce; they have also promised to sanction M.Sc. in Zoology in the following year. We are hopeful enough to start the courses from the coming academic year (July 2008 – May 2009). We have also applied to Calcutta University for the creation of some new posts in Bengali, English, Botany, Zoology and Commerce and also appeal to College Service Commission for filling up the posts in different departments which are lying vacant for quite a long period. Besides these in order to beautify the central pond in our campus as well as to protect the erosion of the side road beside B.Ed. building we have appealed to Zilla Parishad for fund. In response to our appeal Zilla Parishad has sanctioned Rs. 4 lakhs for carrying out our plan and work is in progress.




Part - B


1. Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution:
Statutory directives by UGC, underlies the basic objectives of general education in undergraduate and post-graduate institution across pan India. Besides implementing the curricula, this institution under the compliances of Calcutta University, tries to implement the basic objectives of general education, in producing more qualified graduates within the limited financial capability. Being fully aware of the anomalous contribution of agriculture by the vast majority of rural population to the G.D.P. of the country, this institution is endeavoring to achieve the National goal by significant contribution of knowledge resources – to national economy and integrity. Given the approval and financial sanction by different authorities, this institution seeks to transform itself into a post-graduate centre with the assistance from competent – faculty members.

2. New Academic programme initiated (UG and PG) :
Due to some stringent conditions, we failed to initiate any new academic programme in UG this year but we are in the process of introducing new courses in UG and PG through Netaji Subhas Open University as has already been mentioned.

3. Innovations in curricular design and transaction:

We are not in a position to innovate anything in curricular design and transaction as we have to abide by the curriculum already structured by CU, under which we are registered.

4. Inter-disciplinary programmes started: 

5. Examination reforms implemented: 
The rules and regulations of final examinations are predetermined by CU. So we are not in a position to implement examination reforms. But we have introduced class test, monthly tests, half-yearly tests as has already been mentioned in S.S.R.

6. Candidates qualified : NET / SLET / GATE etc. : 
This year we haven’t got any information regarding our students qualifying NET / SLET / GATE etc.

7. Initiative towards faculty development programme: 
Our institution always takes initiative towards faculty development programme. Like the previous years, this year also teachers are sent to seminars, workshops, different training courses organized by universities or any other organizations. Teachers are also sent to orientation and refresher courses organized by universities. A quite good number of papers have been published by our faculty members in several journals. Some of them have presented papers in seminars, symposiums and delivered lectures on academic topics related to their disciplines. (See Annexure).

8. Total number of seminars / workshops conducted :
Global warming has emerged as one of the most important environmental issues ever to confront humanity. This demands a great concern of ours and being pursued by this concern we have arranged a two-day-UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Global Warming: A Challenge in 21st Century” on 15th and 16th February, 2008.
Beside this Philosophy Department organized a seminar on 6th October 2007 on “Individual State and  Society”. The Speaker was Sri Prahlad Kr. Sarkar, Retired Prof. of C.U. Department of Philosophy.
Department of Philosophy, Mathematics, Chemistry and Zoology have arranged student seminar where students contribute papers and took part in academic discussion.
Department of Bengali, History and Chemistry arranged quiz Competition on their specific syllabus.

9. Research Projects:
The ongoing research projects (as mentioned in our SSR) have not yet completed. This year no new research project has been implemented.

10. Patents generated, if any: 

11. New collaborative research programmes:
No new collaborative research programme has been started this year. The collaborative programmes which have already started are still going on. (These programmes have been mentioned in SSR).

12. Research grants received from various agencies:

13. Details of research scholars:
Being an undergraduate educational institution it has no research facility, so there are no research scholars in this institution.

14. Citation index of faculty members and impact factor:
Citation Index of Dr. Lina Paria, Dept. of Physics, Uluberia College :
            Lina Paria, M.G. Mustafa & A.Abbas – International Journal of Modern Physics 
            E – 9(2000) 149
            Cited By
            R.Ramanathan, K.K.Gupta, Agam.K.Jha & s.S. Sing – Pramana , 68 (2007, May) 757

15. Honors / Awards to the Faculty:
Dr. Urvi Mukhopadhyay, History Department, was awarded for best paper presentation in Calcutta University Session, 2007 in 24th Session of Paschimbanga Itihas Samsad.

16. Internal resources generated: 
Internal resources in our college like student-friendly library software, different out-reach academic courses and introduction of green chemistry methodologies in Chemistry laboratory curriculum are going to be implemented very soon for better realization of the student community. We are expecting to restart our B.Ed. courses after satisfying the NCTE regulations within few days. So students of our area and adjoining areas will be able to enjoy this opportunity again.

17. Details of departments getting SAP, COSIST(ASSIST) / DST, FIST, etc.

18. Community Services:
On 15th August 2007, more than four thousand NCC cadets and College students participated in the procession with social message on HIV / AIDS awareness. Like previous years, this year also the student union organized Blood Donation Camp in November 2007 where 50 students donated their blood.
We have made arrangements to start National Social Service Scheme with a view to start literary and health programme in the surrounding area of our College.     

19. Teachers and officers newly recruited: 
No teacher has been recruited in the academic year 2007-08. Two non-teaching staff have been recruited. Sri Arun Bolan has been recruited as laboratory assistant in chemistry department and Sri Prasanta Mondal has been recruited as Electrician-cum-caretaker.

20. Teaching Non-teaching ratio :





21. Improvements in the library services:
This year because of the crunch of fund we couldn’t make any significant addition to our library service. But we have already made arrangements to buy user-friendly library software to improve library services. The authority is making some endeavor to meet the deficiencies that still remain. A proposal has been made to identify the best reader of the month to encourage the students.

22. New books / journals subscribed and their cost:
The library got 1 lakh 24 thousand as UGC grant and Eight Hundred Eighty books have been bought from this fund. This year no new journals have been subscribed.

23Courses in which student assessment of teachers in introduced and the action taken on student feedback:
In all the courses student assessment of teachers has been introduced. Students of all honours classes assess their teachers at the end of their final year. The information gathered from the feedback of the students are communicated by the authority to the individual teachers and they are being advised to take necessary measures, if required.

24. Unit cost of education: 
Unit cost of education / per student is Rs. 1192/-.

25. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examination results, issue of certificates:
Administrative activities of our College have been computerized. The process of admission has also been computerized. College is not the authority to publish final result or issue certificates, hence question of computerization does not arise in this field. We are in the process of computerizing the publication of College test and pre-test examinations.

26. Increase in the infrastructural facilities:
To make a log list short the addition of following infrastructural facilities can be mentioned:

  1. Extension of Chemistry department for modernized and spacious laboratory.
  2. Extension of Botany department to combat the crunch of their space for theoretical as well as practical classes.
  3. Biology laboratory, Media lab and spacious and airy classroom for B.Ed. department have been developed to an optimal level.
  4. Due to crunch of our fund and delay of UGC XIth Plan funding, we could not develop our existing infrastructural facilities any more.

27. Technology upgradation:
As our College does not have any technological wing except computerization of some laboratory activity and office, technological upgradation is not our top priority in this moment. We are planning to make a modern media lab to introduce Mass Communication and Geography as a subject in next academic session.

28. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:
In all departments as well as in libraries there are computers with internet facilities. Both the teachers and students have access to internet. Out institution does not provide any professional training to the teachers or students. There is a computer centre run by Institute of Engineers in our College, where students as well as the staff of the College get opportunity to have professional training at consolidated rate.

29. Financial aid to students: 
This year (Session 2007 – 08) financial aid given to the students are as follows:
  i. 228 students have been granted half-free studentship.
 ii. One thousand eight hundred rupees have been granted from student welfare fund to the students coming from the family below poverty line.

30. Support from the Alumni Association and its activities: 
In the past, successful alumni, established in and outside the country, had faced difficulties in communicating with this institution. Of late, this College has introduced internet facility and its own website. A subcommittee, entrusted to look after the alumni association, seeks advices from the alumni to organize annual celebration of the foundation day of the institution, programme on various social and academic issues. This institute anticipates to receive constructive feedback and financial assistance from them in future also.

31. Support from the Parent-Teacher Association and its activities:
Parent-teacher association comprises two parts – general body and departmental bodies.
The institution arranges an annual gathering to receive suggestion for smooth running of the College and welfare of the student community. 
Departmental guardian teachers meetings were held where feed back had been taken from individual parent for their child to ascertain about their academic progress.

32. Health services:
      The health centre of our College is situated at a stone’s throw from the College campus. It is associated with Students’ Health Home, Calcutta where students get all sorts of free health service. Every year College collected Rs. 15/-(Fifteen only) from each student and deposited the money to the Student Health Home which provides free health service to the students. This year Rs. 16,575/- (Sixteen thousand five hundred seventy five) has been deposited.

33. Performance in sports activities:
The College participated in the Calcutta University Football Tournament in September, 2007.   
In February 2008, the College played in the Semifinal of Howrah District Non Government College Football Tournament.
In February 2008, Sk. Ashik. A first year student of the College occupied the First position in 1500 metre sprint in Howrah District Non-Government College Athletics Meet. As a result, he represented Howrah District in the said event at State Level. 
Besides these, Annual sports was held on January, 2008.

34. Incentives to outstanding sports persons:
Special financial assistances are provided as incentives to outstanding sports persons. They are provided with convenience allowance, tiffin allowance, kits allowance etc. They also enjoy half-free studentship. They are also awarded medals from the Institution as recognition of their performance.

35. Student achievements and awards :
Last year (2007) only four of our students got first class in Part – II Examination. In our institution practice of giving prize to the students securing highest marks in B.A., B.Sc.(Pure) and B.Com. 

36. Activities of the Guidance and Counselling Cell:
The institution has a grievance redressal cell which also acts as a guidance and counseling cell. The teachers make themselves available to the students whenever necessary and help the students with their valuable suggestions and counseling.

37. Placement services provided to students:
There is no formal placement service cell in our institution. But we often invite different professional institutions to make our students aware of different job facilities and to orient them for such jobs. The teachers also within their personal capacity advise the students regarding their future jobs.

38. Development programmes for non-teaching staff:
This year no specific development programmes for non-teaching staff has been arranged. Two of our office staff are taking computer training at free of cost from the computer centre of our College.

39. Best practices of the institution:
The institution has some best practices which are as follows:

  1. Like the previous years, this year also our faculty members have published an Academic Journal, ‘Quest’ where our faculty members contribute papers.
  2. The faculty members also conduct ‘study circle’ in every month where one of the faculty members deliver lecture on a popular theme related with his or her specific discipline. Students as well as teachers participate in the lecture.
  3. The faculty members of different departments encourage the students to publish wall magazines. They also arrange students’ seminars, quiz and debate competition.
  4. Students take part in different cultural programme arranged by the College. The students’ union takes initiative in arranging such programme. They also arrange different music competition, indoor games competition.
  5. The institution has NCC wings – Both for Boys and Girls – who maintain unity and discipline in the College campus and participated in various social awareness programme.
  6. Another important thing, which should be mentioned as one of the best practices of our College, is the healthy and cordial relationship among our students, teachers and non-teaching staff. This is the feature which our institution can really boast of .

40. Linkages developed with National / International, academic / research bodies:
      This year no new linkage developed with National / International, academic / research bodies.







Part C


Future Plan:-


  1. Introduction of new courses in traditional, vocational and emerging areas of study.
  2. Improvement of Teaching–Learning process with modern electronics and multimedia aids.
  3.  Functioning as a nodal centre for human resource development for self help group.
  4. Augmenting infrastructure facilities to match latest trends.
  5. Academic and administrative reforms and office automation.
  6. Setting up platforms for regular and productive compassing for different kind of jobs.
  7. Providing further quantum boosts to existing amenities, equipments and facilities by arranging funds from various funding agencies.
  8. Strengthening of existing departments catering to postgraduate studies and advanced level research.
  9. Introduction of UGC software for easy access of our college library as well as other library in Calcutta University Network by our students.



Dr. Aditi Bhattacharya
Dr. Pratul Das
Name & Signature of the Coordinator, IQAC
Name & Signature of the Chairperson, IQAC